Hi Whizzers,

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time. There was a little girl, and she loved books. There was a tiny problem. She could not read a single word! She would beg the grown-ups in her life, to help her learn how to read, “mum, will you teach me to read?” “Starka, what are these words?”

However, each time she asked, they would say to her, “Zuzana, wait until you go to school, you will learn to read there!”

Zuzana would feel a fire build up in her body,or pure frustration. Wait until school? That is two years away, I want to read now!

Zuzana wanted to read then and there. Now, now, not in two years!

The fire Zuzana felt grew into an energy she could use. Zuzana, found and read books in her own way. Each book she picked up, she found a way to bring the story to life in her mind.

She would pretend to read the story as her mum or dad did to her, imagining how the characters came to life and what the words on the pages meant. She “read” her stories to mum and dad, even her friends in daycare. She read to anyone who would listen even dog Bobik, in Starkas backyard.

When Zuzana, finally did learn to read, in the traditional sense, she realised what a gift was to understand what the symbols of words mean, and how they brought a story to life.

Zuzana learnt that books could take you on a personal journey, they could teach you things, impart useful information or upgrade your knowledge on anything in the world. Books could take you to another place shifting your emotions in just a moment. Zuzana was thrilled to know that even when she was sad, a book could take her any place in the world, bringing her to a happy place. A book could teach you about the world and educate you on your own world. A recipe book could teach you how to cook with mum and dad. A travel book could inspire you to explore another land.

Now all Zuzana is grown up, (as grown up as you pretend to be as an adult). Zuzana carries with her the fire in her belly that inspired her to read in her own way. She aspires to empower others like her small self to read and not wait. For she believes that each and every child has the right to learn how to read when they are ready!

As a parent Zuzana, now knows that we don’t always have the resources or know-how as parents and caregivers to teach our children to read. But in Zuzana's creations, a child can read independently, in their own way. Zuzana’s unique range of products empowers the individual child at any age to learn to read independently.

Whizzedu empowers children of all ages 0+ to learn and discover their world through language.

Whizzedu offers a book experience that gives children the opportunity to read in their way, whenever they want to.

Empower the children in your life, to grow, learn and play through the incredible gift of books.

Maybe you already know how to read, and perhaps you are ashamed to read out loud. Maybe reading is not your thing but you want to try.

Whizzpen will always be keen to read some books with you. You can play some exciting quizzes or casually find out the names of the pictures that catch your eye. There are also interesting facts if you are hungry to know more.

If you haven't found the book you love from our selection, know that you can turn any text into whizzbook. Just take an ordinary book and use stickers provided. You can record your voice and programme it to say it whenever you point to the label.

We promise that you will always have fun and learn something new!