Above all, we are parents, educators and caregivers.

We have children and know well the incredible journey children place you on, in their first days, weeks, months and years.

Children hold the future in their hands and as their guides, we as educators need to be supported in providing resources that support and nurture their growth. That’s what the team at Whizzedu aspires to do.

Here at Whizzedu we are passionate about providing innovative ways of education utilising technology to enhance some of our most traditional treasures; books.

In a world that is heavily dominated by technology we believe it is important that as parents, caregivers and educators we teach our children to use technology in ways that connect them to themselves and others, enabling and enhancing learning.

We are seeing the increasing trend of children disconnecting with the real world when Technology is used in unproductive ways. Technology has the potential to cause children to become passive receivers, that in turn limit their potential.

This is what has motivated us to bring innovative resources to your child, to nurture their growth and development.

Our objective is to develop innovative and effective educational resources that enable parents and caregivers to engage their babies and toddlers and growing children throughout their critical developmental phases in ways that work for the individual child.

As life speeds up and expectations continue to grow on us as adults, we need support and ways that will enable growth for our kids even at times when we can’t be there.

Our products allow parents, caregivers and educators to support their children’s development when and where it is convenient for them in ways that work for them and when you want.

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