The future is in the hands of our children.

Our products guide and connect you and your children, opening minds, nurturing hearts and building confidence.

Life Lessons

Our mission is to prepare children for this world

Skill Building

We engage Children with toys that improve their skills

Sparking Curiosity

We aim to inspire a love of books and reading in children lets be friends

Welcome to Whizzedu!

We believe education is one of the ways we can ensure a positive future for our children.

We know that with the right educational resources, children can be key contributors to bettering our world.

We aim to help our children find their purpose in life through empowering them with interactive educational resources that open their minds, nurture their hearts and build their confidence.

Our products add new dimensions to education, facilitating children to build a love for learning through the art of exploration and play.

Our Range

Our range brings fresh new information to children in ways you might not have thought of as a parent, guardian or educator.

Children are curious, they like to discover new things, but in their own way, at their own pace.
Our interactive Whizzbooks open up new worlds for children to learn in ways that work for them.

Whizzbooks help children form positive foundations in life by empowering them to learn through exploration, anywhere at any time, through discovering and uncovering new things in relatable and interesting topics even before they can read.

A Whizzbook, coupled with a Whizzpen, offer a reading experience that is able to:

Explain Words​

Explain words to the child and what they meaning (without the input of the parent)

Read Stories

Read stories to the child, that teach positive morals and new concepts (without being reliant on the parent to read)

Challenge the Child

Challenge the child to build the links between concepts, forming new understandings through games and activities


Children love to play and explore, always wanting to understand the why’s of the world. Our Whizzpen, empowers a child to uncover new learnings at their own pace, in their own way while they play!

The Whizzpen, brings to life an audio dimension in each of our Whizzbooks and Whizztoys.

We gamify the art of reading to support your child interacting with their books.


Couple the Whizzpen with any of our Whizzbooks and your children will enter new worlds of information and understanding.

Whizzbook & Whizzpen Bundle

Our First Whizzbook is ready to be explored!

We believe in your children

We believe with the right words, you can explain anything to a child.

Why Educate with Us?

Future Proof Your Learning

We are publishing in a new way. We honour the strengths of traditional books whilst using technology to support your child.

introducing new Learning Topics

All of our books and toys focus on bring the latest up to date knowledge and information to keep you informed.

Gaining Independence and freedom

Whizzbooks and Whizzpen allows individuals to take control of their own education and experience the freedom to pursue their interests and passions.

We aim to bring innovative ways of educating while keeping in mind children's playful nature and natural curiosity.