Coming Soon

We are constantly working on new projects to bring you and your little ones fun and engaging ways to learn.

Some of our projects are almost ready to be released, while others are still in the works and need a bit more nurturing.

World Atlas Whizzbook

One of our completed projects is a world atlas book that is fully illustrated and written. We're proud to say that this book holds a lot of information without overwhelming children, with 5000 words per double page! Once it's been checked by our proofreaders and editors, it will be voiced over and printed. We can't wait to see this one in the hands of our clever children.

Draft of Whizzbook World atlas

Flash Cards for youngsters

We're also working on a new project for our youngsters - a shapes and alphabet flashlight that we think they'll love. There are just a few illustrations left to complete and some voices to add before it's ready for print.

Draft of ABC book for youngest pre readers

We're dedicating our next project to friends of our family whom we've known for 10 years. Roman, Janka and their 3 daughters live in a castle. Okay, Okay, it may not be a real castle, but it sure is the sustainable green paradise they created right in their own home. We're inspired by their passion for gardening, beekeeping. They are passionate about inspiring others to live a healthy and happy life. We want to create a book where children can understand the basics of gardening and be inspired to create their own Utopia no matter where they are. Meanwhile you can check their work:

And this is just the beginning - we have plenty more ideas in store! If you're interested in learning more about our projects, please subscribe to stay in touch. We welcome personal messages and feedback too. Positive feedback warms our hearts, and constructive feedback motivates us to work harder and improve, because this is what we're passionate about.