They said, “You are not old enough to understand.” They were wrong!

But even more, I wish there are more toys that encourage children to read and use their imagination rather than passively receiving pictures on the screens. I feel we parents still make the same mistake our parents did too. We thought we are more clever than our children. We often feel our children are not old enough to change the world or to learn a new skill just because we do not know how to help them through the learning process. We either do not have time, patience or skill. That is why I am dedicated to change this through my books. I want to teach them about the world and encourage them to create a space for everyone that is a happy place to live in. Because now I am the mum of two beautiful children.
As a mum of two beautiful children, I see we are able to look into the future every time we look into our children’s eyes.
I have chosen to create a book with an audio device to spark their curiosity. More senses you use more effectively you receive the information. I am committed to choosing the best illustrations and quality audio.

Future is created in this very present moment, starting as a simple thought. All I wish for mine,
and your children is to be happy and live a fulfilled meaningful life. I learnt that we can’t protect
them from the world they live in. But we can help them experience it to the fullest and to be able
to create a happy future. That future starts today! Children hold the future in their hands.

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