Fake (pretend) toys don’t teach life skills

This educational tool and toy sparked lots of interest in me because of my past experiences. I
never really enjoyed fake toys that made no sense to me. My favourite toy at home was a
couple of magnets. My dad showed me how they either attracted each other or repel from one
another. I was able to observe two simple magnets for hours.Now I see the same trend in my children. Alex could easily spend hours in the front seat of the
car and observe the interior, steering wheel, all the buttons and levels. He enjoys cooking with
dad and make real pizza instead of playdoh. He loved to point to the picture and repeat after me
the name of the objects. Now he is bigger, he starting to tell me stories as he was reading like I
used to.Children aren’t always impressed by fake or pretend toys. They want real. That is one of the
reasons why they are so keen to play with mobile phones. Books can be boring for this
generation of children. Tablets, TV and mobile phones are very interactive and catch children’s
attention easily. I am determined to change that. I want to introduce this product to show
children that books have lots of charm in themself too. This device can both bring children back
to books. Sparks their curiosity, imagination and critical thinking. And that makes me confident
that this planet has a chance to be a happy place.For elsewhere – maybe features to age groupAlex was only 15 months old, so a picture book without any letters but lots of information seems
like an innovative idea of how even the smallest kids could get to lots of information
independently driven with nothing more than their own curiosity

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