For the Love of Books

As I grew up my love for books grew up with me. When I was young I liked the stories of Anne from Green Gables, Black Beauty, Jana Eyre and my most favourite Harry Potter. I read the Da Vinci code book in one night, I just could not put that book down and go to sleep till I finished it!. I got into trouble at school when instead of math I was reading Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban.
These days it is more non-fiction books I am reading. I am finding all sorts of information and comfort in them. Whether it was when I found out I have second type diabetes and polycystic ovaries syndrome and the doctor told me I would never have kids. I helped myself to live a healthy and happy life through the teachingsI found in books.
Or when I was looking for answers about religion and God.
And of course when I become a mum and was looking for ways how to grow little humans into happy and healthy human beings.
Or when I got this urge to write books by myself and start a self-publishing company. All my life and every journey I take is with the book in my hand. I love books that spark your imagination and you have the whole story just in your head through the letter without passively receiving pictures on the screen. I admit sometimes when the reality was too difficult to accept I ran into a world of books I was reading. But when I got the strength to face reality I would take the book with me to help solutions for any problems and difficulties should have faced.
And that is what I want our children to have as well. Books that could be both comfort and a weapon. I wish for this world book and knowledge will be the only weapons that will stay on Earth.

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